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A non-managed device can often lead to compromises to business systems and data by connecting to company networks while being unknowingly infected with malware.


A device managed by Journey IT Services provides numerous benefits when compared to a non-managed device. We include a number of applications and services that allows for deeper insights into a system and it's health.

Sophisticated Security Software

Detect viruses and other potentially harmful threats before they can cause havoc and loss of data and services.

Isolate identified infected targets from the network to prevent the threat from spreading to other devices.

Identifies vulnerabilities using CVEs that are present for all installed applications.

Protects devices from accessing malicious websites.

Managed Firewall ensuring that it is always enabled.


Our managed services offer a complete solution for all your IT needs

Wired Network


At the core of any business network is the reliability of the wired infrastructure. With our expert services, we can ensure that the network remains stable and secure.

• Identify bottlenecks and remediate to increase performance

• Identify and remove packet collisions

• Identify and remove packet loss

• Identify saturation and recommend remedial action

• Identify port errors and cause

• Identify ports that are down and the associated device to determine impact

• Updates to firmware to address vulnerabilities and improve stability.

35 Larkspur Drive, Featherstone, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV10 7TN
Tel: 0333 050 2442

Registered in UK  |  Company Registration 12592467  |  VAT registered 331 956 84

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