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...That Microsoft are ending support for Windows 7 in 2020?

Microsoft are set to end support for Windows 7 on January 14th in 2020, amongst other software in Microsoft's catalogue.

The mainstream support for Windows 7 ended way back in 2015 but still received security updates where necessary. However, with the end in sight for extended support to Microsoft's best-selling and most adopted operating system this means that there are going to be many computers left out in the cold and vulnerable to attacks. So it makes sense for anyone running Windows 7 to look for a way to move their operating system on to the newest version currently available: Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the current operating system version from Microsoft that is the most widely adopted version, next to Windows 7. It was well received in comparison to Windows 8 and 8.1. So now is a good time to move forward to a well supported and well liked operating system. But Windows is not the only option out there.

If you are moving to an operating system that has a completely different look and feel from the one that you use currently (Windows 7) then you may want to move to a completely different option altogether, Mac OS or Linux. Mac OS has matured to a well-respected and secure operating system from Apple and integrates seamlessly with their iPhone and iPad operating systems, so switching between them is easy and moving data between them is easy too. There is also a good support base from major third party vendors such as Microsoft (such as Office) and Adobe, but also has a strong catalog of applications available on the App Store; a secure way to purchase applications.

If you are unsure which way to jump, or not sure as to the best way to deploy Windows 10 to a large amount of PCs then get in touch with Journey IT Services. We can assist you with deploying your upgrade or even migrating over to Apple's MacOS. If you're just looking for some advice then why not sign up for our consultation service and benefit from our expert advice.

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