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Improve my Wi-Fi Signal?

Unifi Cloud Controller - Dark Mode
Not only is the Unifi Cloud Controller one of the best controllers available, its dark mode is stunning..

There are many ways to improve your wireless signal and performance that are all directly related to the positioning of the device that provides you with wireless networking. The correct positioning helps to avoid interference from objects such as radiators, water supplies (boilers), microwaves, thick external walls, people etc. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to locate these devices in their ideal locations.

We recommend separating routers with wireless technology integrated into them by purchasing wireless access points. Not only does this allow you to install the access points in ideal locations to provide the best performance and coverage, but it also allows you to purchase higher quality wireless access points. High-end (or enterprise-class) access points usually provide better performance but also have better technology built-in that help load balance traffic amongst other access points, steer traffic to preferred frequencies, switch channels to avoid interference from neighbouring networks.

These types of access points can be very costly. Journey IT Services installs and configures wireless networks using Unifi technology. Unifi provides some of the best wireless access points and technology available and at a very reasonable price. Journey IT Services can also host the access points in Unifi's excellent cloud controller and monitor its performance on your behalf. We can then make any necessary changes to improve performance.

Get in touch to find out how Journey IT Services can help improve your Wi-Fi signal with Unifi technology.

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