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MacOS Server has been stripped of nearly all of its services?

MacOS server. If you know the name of this application then you will most certainly understand the need for it and what it does. With the latest release of this application, Apple has decided that it will no longer provide the services that your network may very well rely on to function. DHCP has been removed, DNS has also gone too. In fact, the only services left are Profile Manager, Web Services, XSAN, with Open Directory clinging on by its finger nails!

Are you and your network ready for this change? If you have upgraded your Server OS already then you may have been bitten by the changes already. Some of the services are easy to move, depending on your hardware and your requirements. Other services are not so easy to migrate away from, such as Open Directory. Open Directory uses the open source OpenLDAP, coupled with a custom schema from Apple to support their OS and management requirements.

Since the introduction of profile-based management, a significant portion of the custom schema became irrelevant since the management of the computers and users could be done using services such as Profile Manager. But you may still require directory-based authentication for services such as VPN or File sharing. So where to go from here? For a full list of Apple's recommended alternatives, check out this update from Apple.

If you would like further guidance on which direction to go next then get in touch with Journey IT Services who will be more than happy to discuss options with you.

MacOS Services Missing.
Is MacOS Server worth it any more?

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